Coverage for Dependents Extended to Age 26

Posted by admin on 27th July 2010

grad_hugs_dadA new benefit enhancement resulting from the recent health care reform legislation known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, requires dependent coverage to be extended to age 26. The effective date for the enhancement is based on a rather complex formula, and PEF was not required to implement the enhancement until February 1, 2011.

Through the cooperative efforts of the PEF/USW Joint Committee on Health Benefits, which reviewed available materials and discussed the importance of this benefit, we are pleased that announce that coverage for dependents up to age 26 is being implemented on August 1, 2010.

Coverage is available to any dependent child up to age 26 who is not enrolled in the PEF Healthcare Plan, regardless of marital status, unless he/she is eligible to enroll in a separate employer-sponsored health plan. To enroll a dependent child up to age 26, contact Barbara Telasky. If you have questions about the benefit contact Deborah Stayman at


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Posted by callen on 27th July 2010

WEDNESDAY, JULY 14 — Union leaders including Local 100’s John Samuelsen, the UFT’s Michael Mulgrew, Local 1199’s George Gresham, DC 37’s Oliver Gray, and Brooklyn’s Rev. Dr. Herbert Daughtry joined with City Comptroller John Liu today and with Jon Kest, Director of New York Communities for Change, to announce what amounts to a fightback against financial institutions who have profited from the subprime crisis, and now refuse to address its devastating fallout. Foreclosures in New York City are up 16% in the first quarter of 2010 over the same period in 2009 and rising, according to the Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy. Big banks have been repeatedly told by the Obama Administration that they have to make good faith efforts to modify loans of qualified borrowers whose homes are “underwater” because of the subprime mortgage crisis. But when the rubber meets the road – and borrowers with unaffordable mortgages actually try to get better terms, they often face agonizing run-arounds by nameless customer service agents working for the same banks. Read more… <;view=article&amp;id=244:major-unions-to-confront-banks-on-foreclosure-policies&amp;catid=34:municipal-labour&amp;Itemid=77>


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