Who Are We?

Many PEF members ask, what is USW?

We are:

  • The employees of PEF – statewide Members of the United Steel Workers, AFL-CIO (USW) Local 9265
  • People you depend on for direct services from PEF
  • People you call when you face layoff or firing, have problems with benefits; face charges or interrogations; have questions about your rights; want to know about PEF events, actions or programs.

We are workers, and like you, we have to negotiate a contract with our employer.

We are not:

  • We are not state employees
  • We are not PEF members
  • We are not PEF policy makers, leaders or managers
  • We are not the people to call when you do not like the PS&T contract;
    object to PEF politics; want to affect PEF policies; want to comment on
    the goals and direction of the PEF leadership.

You are workers, but you also represent our employer’s “stockholders”.
We negotiate our contract with your elected leaders and their managers.




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